Qatar Airways | ZRH-DOH | Airbus A350-900

Hey IFC!
What a flight! Sometimes I just like flying over or past a featured airport to see how the traffic is. So I knew that Istanbul which was featured today, so I found a route from somewhere in Western Europe to DXB, AUH, or DOH, and I think I picked a good route.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Qatar 96 Heavy
The photos are here!
Our beautiful ride for today - almost as beautiful as my most favorite plane the A330-900neo

A group or SIVA and TKVA pilots that just arrived

Heavy takeoff from Zurich

Climbing high

Reached cruise

Flying high over them Alps

Flying past a crowded Istanbul

The desert

Ahh yeah

Final 34R

Safe landing in Doha

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Great photos! I loved that last picture! Deserves to go on LiveFlight for the Qatar A359 imo!

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Beautiful shots with a beautiful aircraft, awesome work :)

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how did you get the 2nd to last shot

I used the Scenic view and there was a view I saw that I liked.

i’ve tried getting that shot and i can’t

That is super cool!! Btw when i went on the TKVA website it didn’t work :(((

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I’m not a TKVA pilot, but you can contact them about that.

This topic definitely deserves a like. The photos are amazing.

This is my favorite photo as well

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Ok ,thanks for the suggestion. One of my first succsessful landings was in Zurich with the Turkish B739. I almost crashed because i was getting confused with all the airports near Zurich.

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