Qatar Airways Virtual - Recruitment Day and Line Check @ KSMO - 041900ZDEC16

Region: Southern California
Route: KSMO - KRNM
Altitude: Captain’s Discretion
Cruise Speed: Captain’s Discretion
Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: A319
Date: 04/12/16
Time: 19:00 UTC

​Event Information:
This week we shall be recruiting and carrying out a line check of all pilots in Qatar Airways Virtual, all those attending will be assigned a gate. The test brief is available below, please PM if you have questions. thank you. If you are an established pilot with IFFG Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. We are also currently hiring for other roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, please check our website:

Test Brief:
You will be tested on Expert Server ( GRADE 3 AND ABOVE)

Task: Spawn at KSMO, Southern California region. You are expected to perform one pattern here followed by a no delay departure towards KRNM. Once reaching KRNM two more patterns are expected here followed by a full stop landing. Flight plans are mandatory. Preperation is key for perfection. Good Luck!!!

You will be tested on following criteria:
ATC Instructions and acknowledgement
Flight planning (no planning required for remaining in the pattern).Plan only to KRNM.
Overall flying capability and handling of aircraft.
Speed monitoring
Altitude Holding
Using Approach Mode is instant fail!!!

Pilot Rank and Debriefs will be provided sent after the test. Those who are ranked Senior Captain’s will be considered for Chief Pilot Roles.

Private Jet Stand 01: Joshua_Fleming QR18
Private Jet Stand 02: Samcollins01 QR14
Private Jet Stand 03: Aviaperzovik QR17
Private Jet Stand 04: Ben Bogart QR11
Private Jet Stand 05: @Ar_Valencia Callsign- QR101
Private Jet Stand 06: @Soydepr Callsign- QR102
Private Jet Stand 07: @Alan_Perez Callsign- QR103
Private Jet Stand 08: @Kintul_Shah Callsign- QR104
Private Jet Stand 09: @CaptainBraswell Callsign: QR105
Private Jet Stand 10: @Paul_Cankaya Callsign: QR106
Private Jet Stand 11: @Cheng_Loke_Ng Callsign: QR107
HANGER01: @Nayeem_Ahmed Callsign: QR108
HANGER02: Liam Kirk Callsign: QR109
HANGER03: @Camr Callsign: QR110
HANGER04: @Joel1973 Callsign: QR111


Interesting, going to be quite the amount of inbounds. Hope u guys know how to follow instructions well


I hope you’ve all prepared well this week. The recruitment event begins in 1 hour. Good luck to all!!


can you clarify , the 2 patterns are due before landing ?

The 2 patterns are needed prior to landing at krnm @Soydepr

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Who is qatari8857 please use assigned callsign

:-( forgot patter at ksmo should i go back ? but my departure was cleared :-)

confused are tg expected

Thank you to all those that attended. You will all be PM a rank given by our chief pilots and assignes an offical qatar airways virtual callsign. Anyone still looking to get tested PM me or @r3life

So we have all passed the test and got into Qatar virtual or not?

We will contact you

Ok, thanks!

@Ar_Valencia @Alan_Perez @Paul_Cankaya @Cheng_Loke_Ng Please PM me and we will arrange another test. thanks

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