Qatar Airways Virtual - Recruiting Staff and Chief Pilots

Qatar Airways VA was established on January 8, 2016 by professional pilots. We believe that commitment and passion are key aspects to operate a virtual airline successfully. Our Staff is highly motivated and our pilots are truly the best trained within the Infinite Flight Community. We have a diverse range of aircraft’s in our fleet and also the youngest, providing short, medium and long haul flights. We pride ourselves on our 5* star service we provide, every member is ranked individually and regularly checked by our staff. So if you would like to join our expanding airline why not join us. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Currently Roles Available:
Chief Pilot: To be considered you must be at least grade 3 or above and demonstrate your abilities when tested. Initially, you will have to pass our online assessment then a practical test will be taken by an assigned chief pilot, ranks will be given at the end of the test. Those with ranks Senior Captain will be considered for Chief Pilot testing. Chiefs are responsible for testing recruits, training pilots internally and other aviation advice. To start PM me.
Chief Pilot A319: @Mattia_Bordoni
Chief Pilot A340: Available
Chief Pilot B777-200F: @Wisaam_Romi
Chief Pilot B787-8: Available
Chief Pilot A380: Available
Chief Pilot B777-200LR: @Alexander_Pehrman **
Chief Pilot B777-300ER: @QR01

Staff: For roles within the management aspects of QRVA. We require those that are passionate and willing to sacrifice their time to better the operations of the VA. If you have previous experience in the roles listed below or would like to start working within QRVA, please PM me for more info about the role you would like to apply for and we can start the application process.
CEO: @QR01
COO: @Stephen_Michael
Website Manager: Available
Event Manager: @Dan_Nutter
Event Coordinator:@Alexander_Pehrman **
Corporate Photographer: @Ar_Valencia
HR Manager: @PSF_Zxnnxth
Route Manager: Available
Flight log Manager: Available

Future Operations:
Qatar Airways Virtual is currently undergoing a major overhaul, working behind the scenes to help provide the best service possible. At the current moment we are working around the clock with our team of international staff members to better prepare for global by adding a diverse range of routes from short haul to ULH routes.

What Makes us Different?
Here at Qatar we are always working to ensure the highest quality of work. The staff team here takes honor in our pilots who have come from far and wide, working their way up the ranks to become the very best that they can be. All the pilots at Qatar are ranked by skill levels, which is something you won’t find anywhere else. Professionalism is the target we’re searching for. So if you think you are the right person for any of the available roles, get in touch. you can also find us on:


Great work on that promotional video, looks like an Airbus formation. Brilliant!


Definitely one of the better promotional videos I’ve seen! Loved it definitely going to consider joining!

Where do I apply?

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How many pilots do you guys have?

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According to their website, they have 20


PM QR01 or head over to our website (link is in the text) and you’ll find your way:)

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Any experts with flight logging systems would be highly desired for the future operations of QRVA.


Searching for highly skilled pilots for chief pilot position within QRVA. If you have great flying knowledge and skill with crosswinds. If you are a highly skilled and proffessional pilot, please pm me.


Hello everyone from Qatar VA 👋. On behalf of the recruitment team, I would like all incoming applicants and recruits to note that as a part of the QR VA Overhaul, we will not be accepting pilots in the next months time. If you have sent in an application, your have been sent an email regarding either a staff position you requiested or have been told that we are not currently accepting pilots at the time.

Some of you may ask, “Why are you not accepting pilots?” The answer gets complicated there, as a part of our overhaul we our reinventing our pilot ranking system, and the whole recruitment process which would make it very hard for new pilots to enter the VA. Along with that, the more time we spend trying to bring in pilots, the less time we have to bring the VA to its best. I appreciate the patience of everyone.

Looking for dedicated Staff Members: We at QRVA have had a long past dating back before the IFVARB and before many of the current, most active and big VA’s. We have always worked our best to bring the VA’s up to the standards but our team was always just too small to get the big tasks done on time, slowing us down as VA and not allowing us to grow. We are continually looking for hardworking and dedicated staff members who can help us grow and thrive while also have fun as part of the QRVA family. If you think you meet those requirements, please do come and help this aged VA climb to the top. Here’s to Qatar Airways Virtual 🍻🥂🍾🎆🎉🎊


@Stephen_Michael We currently have a COO in trial meaning that someone applied for the position of COO and is being tested to see how they run and operate as a staff member. If that person does well he will be promoted to the official position of COO. You may still contact @QR01 via PM or fill out an application on the website in the main post of this thread requesting COO and we will attend to you in a manner deemed fit. Seeing that we have a lot of work done but even more to do, the more hands to help the merrier. 😀

  • Happy Flying and see you in the skies ✈️✈️
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Hmmm, seeing that Yash (@QR01) was on the IFC in the past 12hrs I do not see a reason as to why he hasn’t replied to you as of yet. I will let him know immediately and get him to try and respond to you promptly. I am deeply sorry for the delay and hope you forgive us for the inconvenience.


The the global update nearly here, we continue to work towards a greater and efficient QRVA. To become the best, we require a management team committed to professionalism. We are currently accepting roles for many management positions mentions at the top. Chief pilots, event managers and much more. If you believe you can deliver this consistently, please pm myself to get started.

VA created by professionals for professionals

Yash Mistry,
CEO and chief pilot B777-300ER


Hello, I am good at designing websites and am wondering what creator do you use? I use If you use Wix too, please let me know and I will be happy to apply for that position!! Thanks!

It is in the website name. ;)

Oh ha, thanks so much!😄

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Hello, I would like to volunteer for Website Developer. I may not be able to do this job at all times but I will try my best to do what I can.


I have submited my application i would like to etheir be cheif a380 pilot or rout manager if possible


Cani I join the Qatar VA it is my fav airline. Als how do I join?

We are not taking in any pilots atm. Only staff and chif pilots. Ranked pilot applications are due to start 1-2 months

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Me and @Ar_Valencia just started an Instagram account for Qatar VA! We will post events, new pilot information and nice pictures! If you have Instagram, please go and follow us at: qatarvirtualif

Happy flying!

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