Qatar Airways Virtual - Moulding the Next Generation of Pilots


Qatar Airways VA was established on 8 January 2016 by Yash Mistry. We believe that commitment and passion are key aspects to operate a virtual airline successfully. Our Staff is highly motivated and our pilots are the best trained within Infinite Flight Community. We have a diverse range of aircraft in our fleet which is among the youngest, providing short, medium and long haul flights.

Our airline operations are inline with the real world schedules and routes.The Cargo Division is also replicated as accurately as possible, and we have a dedicated manager to update these routes on a regular basis.

We hope you join us to achieve our ultimate goal, to become the most elite VA on Infinite flight and continue to add to our success. Thank you for choosing the world’s first 5*-star airline

imageCurrently Roles Available

Ranked Pilot: To be considered you must be at least grade 3 or above and demonstrate your abilities when tested. Initially, you will have to pass our online assessment.

The Management Team

President: @QR01
Vice President: @Alexander_Pehrman
Chief Operations Officer: @ElCapitan
HR Manager: @Zenneth
Event Manager: PM TO APPLY

imageWhat makes us different
We now have a new easy to use website to meet all of our needs. As a pilot you now have exclusive access to the following:

Website Sim Brief Integration

Website Sim Brief Integration: We have partnered with sim brief to give all our pilots one click route briefings with all data required at your hands for every Qatar Airways routes; our system is smart enough to recognise the route and pre populate all the information to the sim brief server to give you an instant sim brief. Something no other VA can offer.

Over 300 Routes to Discover

Over 300 Routes to Discover: Over the past few weeks, the team have collated routes to replicate Qatar Airways as accurately as possible onto our database for you to fly including accurate flight number and fleet usage.


PIREPs: Accurate flight logs are very important to us, we have a team assigned to assist filing and ensuring only the very accurate logs are accepted with a monitoring of fuel used.

Skill Based Rank System

Skill Based Rank System: With less landings and more flight hours, it has become even more important to keep all pilots current, we introduce rank upgrade tests when pilots meet hours requirement as stated on our website.

Bid Flights

Bid Flights: All pilots may now bid a route which gives them 24 hour exclusivity, meaning no other pilots can fly the same route.

Pilot Pay

Pilot Pay: We pay our pilots according to their ranks, and their pay is in proportion to their flying hours. With monthly financial reports available to all pilots about the airline performance and expenses

Pilot Handbook

Pilot Handbook: An extensive, newly formed document to aid all our pilots to fly QRVA SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures)

imageNew Website, New Recruitment Process, Same Philosophy
Here at Qatar we are always working to ensure the highest quality of pilots. The team here takes honour in our pilots who have come from far and wide, working their way up the ranks to become the very best that they can be. All the pilots at Qatar are ranked by skill levels, which is something you won’t find anywhere else. We ensure that anytime that you see the β€œQR” callsign soaring through the skies of IF, you will be in contact with professional pilots. Even if you are not the best pilot that you can be, the team at Qatar will always be there for you to help train you and allow you to become an elite pilot.

Begin your pilot career with us now:



Awesome!! Can’t wait 😊


Great to be apart of this VA!


I had been waiting to see this.


Nice virtual airline guys, really gotta appreciate how nice these post’s and how much detail and work goes into making them, see you guys in the sky Qatar VA!


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All those joining us, please enjoy this beautiful shot by @ElCapitan

We are currently looking for a member of HR team:

  • Must be computer literate
  • Have Leadership Qualities
  • Must Exhibit excellent English
  • Be able to work in a team
  • Good Decision making

Please PM me if you do meet the above criteria, we would be thrilled to introduce you to the family of professionals.

Pilot Recruitment: Ongoing
Please read and apply on our website if you meet the current requirements.

Yash Mistry
President Of Qatar Airways Virtual


Great post πŸ‘πŸ» Just registered on the website and am hoping to become apart of the HR team!

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That is wonderful news. Our HR Manager will be in touch with you soon. I wish you the best of luck for the testing process. πŸ‘πŸ»

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Wow, this looks fantastic, enspecially the SimBrief integration. On a side note, you should make a new post-Global trailer…


I see that they have my ID being QR27 so can I please change it to QR22 please. I didn’t see anyone else with that ID

Pilot ID is not given according to request. First you need to pass recruitment before anything

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Ok thank you and what all do I have to do?

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Register on the website and our HR manager will be in touch soon via email.

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Just registered on the wesbite




Very good effort @QR01. Love the video and formation. Hopefully piloting with you soon…


Vintage edit, tribute to the 20 years of Qatar Airways and many more years to come!!!


Glad to announce our new Pilot Leader board. Hoping to bring some healthy competition within QRVA. Our top 5 pilots will be ranked according to the following numbers every month:
Top flights flown
Top hours Flown
Top Miles Flown

There are many more amazing opportunities at Qatar Airways Virtual, the home of the professionals.



Qatar VA has now taken a new approach on pilot recruitment. The new ethos change will now accept pilots who are enthusiastic about aviation and Qatar Airways, the professional pilots will mould the new generation of enthusiasts and increase their knowledge on a daily basis and increase their flying skills throughout their time with us. To get started register on our website or contact our HR manager @Zenneth or chief of operations @ElCapitan.

Meanwhile, we are also searching for management team. Essentially an event manager who meets the current criteria:

Minimum age 16
Good English standard
Great time management