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This is the official thread of the Qatar Airways Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight.

image We are IFVARB approved

At Qatar Airways Virtual, we strive to provide the most realistic and professional Virtual Airline experience in Infinite Flight, which is why we only hire the most professional pilots and staff members. Based in Hamad International Airport, we allow our pilots to fly out of one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. When you join us, you aren’t just joining any other Virtual Airline, you’re joining a family.

qr-logo-bug_50x50Why Choose Us?

At Qatar Airways Virtual, professionalism is our top priority, along with having our pilots enjoy flying for us. We only hire the best and most professional staff members and pilots, which makes us different from any other VA. Applicants are thoroughly reviewed and selected, to ensure that our reputation is where we want it to be. In order to let curious pilots see if our VA fits them, we offer a short, five-question human resources test to show them what is expected of them. We offer chances for our pilots to show their talents by having frequent air shows. Additionally, our pilots are required to take tests every three months in order to ensure that they are consistently in QAVA shape.

qr-logo-bug_50x50Our Staff

At Qatar Airways Virtual, we carefully selected a handful of individuals who we saw were fit for helping to run one of the most professional Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight. Our staff members are prepared to answer any questions you have about our VA. So please, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact them. If one of the roles is missing a staff member, you may apply for it by contacting myself, or @antek. Below you’ll find the list of our staff members.

qr-logo-bug_50x50Our Fleet

Infinite Flight is home to many of Qatar Airways’ aircraft, which means we have plenty of aircraft for our pilots to fly. We also have a very special aircraft at our disposal; the Qatar Amiri Flight 747-8. This special aircraft comes with a special rank that is only obtained through staff recommendations. We also have a program to allow our pilots to also fly cargo after reaching a certain rank. Our fleet is as follows:

departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40Airbus A319-100
departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40Airbus A340-600
departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40Airbus A380-800
departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40Boeing 777-200LR
departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40Boeing 777-300ER
departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40Boeing 777-200F
departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40Boeing 787-8
departing-flight-icon-3634_40x40 Boeing 747-8 (Qatar Amiri Flight)

qr-logo-bug_50x50Our Routes

Qatar Airways Virtual is based in OTHH (Hamad Intl. Airport, Doha). We at Qatar Airways Virtual carefully picked 176 routes we think our pilots will love. With destinations in 6 continents, you will get to fly all over the world, exploring places you’ve never even heard of before. A full list of routes will be supplied to you once you are accepted into our airline.


At Qatar Virtual, we have a lot of aircraft in our fleet. Because of this, you will be able to fly all sorts of aircraft during your employment at QAVA, big and small. From the a319 to the a380, we’ve got it all. As you gain hours and experience, you will be able to rank up and fly bigger aircraft at longer distances. Below you will find our ranks and the required hours for each one.

Cadet : 40 hours
Second Officer : 140 hours
First Officer: 210 hours
Senior First Officer: 280 hours
Captain: 350 hours
Senior Captain 420 hours
Executive Captain: 490 hours+
Cargo Pilot: 350 hours+

please do be advised that the required hours for the ranks are subject to change.

qr-logo-bug_50x50Our Website

We put countless hours into ensuring that our website is perfect and gives off that professional feeling we strive for. We tried to make it easy to navigate, as well as aesthetically pleasing. We also feature a Pilot Center and Live Flight tracker for our VA flights (thanks Cam!). For the best experience using our website, it is recommended for it to be used on a computer or iPad. Nonetheless, it still works on phones too. Simply click the photo to access our website.


photo provided by @jdag2004.


Looks amazing! I can see this going somewhere :)


Thank you! We hope so as well

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Applied now hope I can join in your team !

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The VA has a positive future indeed!


Qatar Airways has the Boeing 777-300ER as well but i guess you’ve forgot to include it in the section “Our Fleet”.

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Lol thanks for pointing it out, can’t believe I forgot it!

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Was it the quatar the I was in? With had discord.

So happy to be apart of this amazing VA! For those of you who are planning to join, I thank you for your time, and greatness!


Just applied, hope to join soon

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Hey guys, I wish you the best with this VA. As the previous President of Qatar VA, I can tell you that to be proffessional is a long journey that comes with experience and knowing when to say no to some applicants. Patience is also a key to run a highly active VA. Make sure to keep working on the VA. And as it improves, you will notice numbers increase without any effort. Do me and the Qatar VA reputation proud✊


Look like a great VA…Can really picture you guys up at the top!!

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Just a quick question how many pilots have you guys got??

You don’t have to give me credit, but thanks! 🙏😊

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We will be having a recruitment event very soon, watch the forum in the coming week for details!

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Just wanted to say thank you to all of our amazing pilots and staff!


Make sure to watch out for our promotional video coming out in the next week or so


We are very excited to welcome our newest staff member, @Blizzard! He will be taking the role of “Events Manager,” please give him a couple of weeks to get settled in and make us an event :)

He has shown us his talent in creating events, and also, he does graphic design! Further on, any graphics made for the VA will be made by Blizzard; he gets all the credit. We’re glad to have you here, man :)


Thank you for the warm welcome!


Make sure you sign up for our event on Saturday! Remember, all pilots who attend will receive a 10-hour reduction on their first rank if they decide to join the VA.

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