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”Going Places Together In The New Era”



Qatar Virtual Airways is part of virtual airlines in Infinite Flight Community with many active pilot’s around the world. We invite you into QRV and giving you the best VA experience.

Founded in August of 2019, we began as a small group of community members. We all had individual talents, skills but we shared a fixed mindset on one goal, to create Qatar Airways Virtual Airline which would last for years to come.

Based on the real-world sensation of Qatar Airways, we are a family of mature and professional community members who all unite in sharing a similar passion.

We may be a new Virtual Airline but our spirit and passion flow faster than ever! We hope to become one of the Leading Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community. We will do this by setting a foundation with a leading example for others to follow, incorporating years of knowledge, experience & passion into vibrant and efficient technological facilities for all pilots & members to utilise.
To run a Virtual Airline of this scale takes time, effort and a lot of hard work. We pride ourselves on running a dynamic & efficient Leadership Team who are worth being recognised for their hours on end of hard work.

Please take your time to read through the various roles of individuals who help maintain our Virtual Airline and who continuously provide a great experience for our members

Upper Management

Position IFC Name
Deputy President @raihan_yudanto
Deputy President @Jesse0409
Head of Internal Affair @DhruvChopra

Lower Management

Position IFC Name
HR Manager @Thifal_Attaullah
Event Manager @Johanny_Ndiaye
Chief Pilot VACANT
Tech Manager @if_seattle
Route Manager @Rashya_Keitaro
Media Manager VACANT
Senior Advisor @Marcus_flyer1

Hi future QRV pilots! I’m glad you have taken your time to have a look at our amazing thread. I became a QRV pilot in late 2020 and instantly fell in love with this VA! I began my way up to president by becoming HR manager early 2021 and then just a few weeks ago in early March I became president and I take it with loads of pride! Our VA prides itself in professionalism and making an enjoyable experience for our pilots! I hope you come and join us at QRV some time! Please feel free to take a look around our thread and website!
Come and join us in the sky. “Going places together”

Alfie Bowen, QRV President

Aircraft Type Airlines
A321 Qatar Airways
B788 Qatar Airways
B77F Qatar Cargo
A380 Qatar Airways
B77W Qatar Airways
A359 Qatar Airways

Click Here to view QRV’s Rank Structure

We Have 100+ Qatar Airways Routes which connect to more than 100+ destinations around 7 continents, and We have more than 100+ Codeshared Routes

Click Here to view Qatar Airways Routes

And click Here to view our Codeshare routes

Qatar Airways HUB

Type Detail
Name of Airport Doha Hamad International Airport

QRV Codeshare Partner

We specifically thank you to @DhruvChopra @Marcus_flyer1 @Sharan.Somayaji and @PlaneGeek for boosting our servers often. Without you guys our server wouldn’t have been upgraded with the latest tech:)

Join us today!

What are you waiting for? Join us now and have a great experience with Qatar Virtual Airways

Application Requirement for Join Us

  • Infinite Flight Pro required to join
  • Must be at least grade 3
  • Have an active IFC account TL1 or above
  • Fly politely and respect fellow pilots
  • Following the rules that apply in groups
  • Discord app is required for communication
  • All applicants must meet the minimum age of 13 or older
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription
  • Must not have a violation of landings ratio of more than 50%
  • Avoid applying multiples time

We’re always on the move and looking for more pilots to join the ranks among us. However, to maintain a high standard of flying, controlling & maturity, we require all pilots to complete the application process.

Once a candidate has completed application form, a member of the Recruitment team will contact via email or IFC regarding your application. Please allow up to 48hrs for all initial applications to be processed. Once a member of recruitment has reviewed your application, you’ll sit our Pilots Entrance Exam.

The Pilot Entrance Exam (PEX) will feature a total of 25 questions, you will be allocated 15 minutes to complete the exam. The exam contains basic, general and advanced knowledge about piloting, airman-ship and the usage of ATC.
Depending on your score, you may be eligible to partake in the Qatar Virtual Cadet Program. In which after successful completion, you’ll be granted a position as a Second Officer on board the Airbus A320 family as well as the designated code-shares.

Note : Make sure You meet the requirement above before apply. Your application will be rejected if you do not meet the requirements above.

Click Here to join us

Note : QRV is not affiliated with the real world Qatar Airways . All trademarks and logos remain property of their respective owners.

Qatar Virtual Airways 2021 ©


Amazing thread guys! Good Luck for the future ;)


Nice thread!! Glad to be a part of this amazing VA!


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Very nice thread ORVA! So happy to be a pilot in this VA!


What a beautiful thread! Glad to be a part of QRV as staff. Best luck for you guys! (Or maybe “us” 👀).


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Awesome thread! LOT Virtual wishes you the continued success!

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Thankyou very much for those kind words! Wishing you guys a great future:)

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