Qatar Airways Virtual - Approach into Aspen @ KDEN - 111900ZDEC16

Region: Denver
Route: KDEN - KASE
Altitude: 16000ft
Cruise Speed: 300kts
​Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: A319
Date: 11/12/16
Time: 19:00 UTC

Event Information:
Surrounding terrain, variable winds and power struggling altitude makes this approach the hardest in the region. At Qatar VA we’re always looking to challenge our pilots. If you are an established pilot with IFFG Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. Flight Plan will be available from callsign: QR01. We are also currently hiring for roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, please check our website: or


A25: Yash Mistry QR01
A26: Usman Iqbal QR06
A27: Omar N QR12
A28: Sam collins QR14
A29: @Aviaperevozchik QR17
A30: Joshua Fleming QR18
A31: @Soydepr QR21
A32: @Kintul_Shah QR22
A33: @CaptainBraswell QR23
A34: @Nayeem_Ahmed QR24
A35: Liam Kirk QR25
A36: @Camr QR26
A37: @Wisaam_Ahmed QR27
A38: @Norshuttle909
A39: @CaptainCaybrew
A40: @Alan_Perez


Please use the correct event format


Can I come

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I will assign you a gate

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Can I get A39?

yes sure. i will assign it

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I also sent a message on the site asking to join the VA.

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this one I will definitely be at.

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Do I need a specific call sign or can I come as Qatary 1 2 7

you need to be tested and ranked to have an assigned callsign. if you have grade 3 or above PM me to get tested

Iam in grade 4

Add me

I dont have dever. Sadly

No worries. Maybe next time

Guys event starts in 50 mins

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Event starting in under 20 mins, spawn soon

SPAWN NOW people

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