Qatar Airways VA - Landing Competition @ KEGE - 191900ZFEB17

Casually forgot to mention the extreme crosswind 40G35KTS in have to endure during your little tests.

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Chief by example ofcourse!!

Yep,your gate 5 and callsign QR102

Welcome,your gate 6 and callsign QR103

Thank you. Looking 4 wd

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Sorry but will have to pull out of rhis event. Will look out for future events.


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To all attending. A video will be available of landing highlights following the event. And hopefully we can get a group screenshot like this:


Will be glad to see my winning landing !

if i don’t win i think i may have to leave IFC in a bow shame …

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I really hope the some gusts pick up when you’re on final. ;)

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Oh Wisaam , you know all the right things to say !

We will see Joshua :)

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May I have a gate number and call sign please?

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Yep,your gate 08 and callsign QR104.

Just over a day left till event starts. Get your gates reserved

Add me please too…

Okey,your gate 09 and callsign QR105

Please add qr11 to this event

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@Aviaperevozchik can you assign @Trevor_Miller a gate. Good luck Trevor✌

Either gate 1 or 10 don’t care ;) will love to do this!

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Very very few events outside of frontier va events ever catch my attention…this one has. I just might have to come watch. Well organized and with some good competition going. #JoshuafortheWin @Joshua_Fleming