Qatar Airways VA - Landing Competition @ KEGE - 191900ZFEB17

Region: Denver, CO
Airport: KEGE-KASE
Altitude: FL150
Cruise speed: 240kts
Aircraft: A319 (Qatar Livery)
Server: Training Server
Date: 19/2/2017
Time: 19:00UTC

Welcome to the first ever landing competition at Qatar Airways Virtual. Come join us this Sunday and show off your skills at KASE. All pilots competing will spawn and takeoff from KEGE and fly into KASE. The serniors are expected to be controlling in order to better sequence everyone for landing so please ensure you follow instructions well.

The landing will be judged by our Chief Pilots looking for the following criteria:

Runway Centerline
Touchdown Zone
Approach Speed

The top 3 will be announced at the end of the competition. And as we cannot gift live membership, we will instead give those top 3 pilots a fast tracked recruitment with an opportunity to become First Officer or higher on completion.

If you are an established pilot with Qatar, please spawn with your assigned call sign, pilots who wish to attend please register you interest to be assigned a gate and call sign. Flight Plan will be available from callsign: QR07.We are also currently hiring for roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, for more information please check our website: or

Parking: Gate 01- Ben Bogart (FPL).
Parking: Gate 02- @Captainbraswell QR12
Parking: Gate 03- @Ar_Valencia QR15
Parking: Gate 04- @John_Ryan QR101
Parking: Gate 05-@Lukascrazydude QR102
Parking: Gate 06- @Ody_Sseas QR103
Parking: Gate 07- @Joshua_Fleming QR09
Parking: Gate 08- @James_Curtis_Johnson QR104
Parking: Gate 09- @Dossym_Makhanov QR105
Parking: Gate 10- @Soydepr QR11
Parking: Ga 01- @7405896A QR106
Parking: Ga 02- samuel_48 QR107
Parking: Ga 07- Trevor_Miller QR108
Parking: Ga 09- Jules_GNINKOUN
Parking: Gate 01- George_Craggs QR110
Parking: Gate 02- XxApolloxX QR111
Parking: Gate 03- Abhishek_Bhattachary QR112
Parking: Gate 04- BrunoHeinsAAT QR113
Parking: Gate 05- sebairways QR114
Parking: Gate 06-
Parking: Gate 07-
Parking: Gate 08-
Parking: Gate 09-
Parking: Gate10-


Gimme gate 4 plz I’ll be there

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Gate 5 please I would be there

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Welcome, your gate 3

Your gate 3,have fun.

After winning the last one ( unofficially, but it was pretty obvious ) , I’m coming back to reclaim my title. Watch out gents !

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Can I have a gate please.

Thanks John


Sure, your Parking 04 and callsign QR101

Thank you. See you there


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Hi . I would love to join you in this event.
Please give me a Gate and a Callsign.
Thank you in advance.
Kindly regards

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Can I plz have a gate, I’ll try my best to make it

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U know I would love to be a part of the event and just show u how many times better my landing would be than urs, but I am a chief for Qatar and that prevents me to competing… Btw Joshua I have seen plenty of ur landings… Not as great as u make them seem 😂😂👀👀

This looks a lot like an Air Force Proud 95 FSX video in the making…

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Seeing is believing , my fans will be there and my trophy once I have won.

" No Pressure , No Diamond."

@Joshua_Fleming I think you’re ready for the chief test. Wanna give it a go. @r3life you can watch and eat some popcorn for some good entertainment


Vote for josh 😃 josh im already a fan now since u handled that comment easy peasy 😉

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The fan base keeps growning , will have to start a official Joshua Fleming merchandise website. Yeah bring the popcorn as it will be entertaining watching me humiliate every pilot that has the cheek to challenge my superior landing ability.

No doubt on that coz you’re grade 4 😅

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We all know grade 5 is overrated , Garde 4 is where it is all at.

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Lol you’ve been at the chiefs test for atleast 3 months. Landing is the 1 thing you defo not good at😂😂

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