Qatar Airways VA - Hawaiian Holiday @ PHNL - 181900ZDEC16

Cruise To Hilo International Airport
Altitude: FL280
Cruise Speed: 320kts
Server: Expert server
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Livery: One World
Time:19:00 UTC
This Sunday, we will fly to paradise in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, enjoying the long cruise with the team at Qatar. If you are an established pilot with Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. Flight Plan will be available from callsign: QR17.We are also currently hiring for roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, please check our website: or


Gate05: Aviaperevozchik QR17
Gate06: r3life QR12
Gate07: Joshua_Fleming QR18
Gate08: @Samcollins01 QR14
Gate09: Soydepr QR21
Gate10: @Nayeem_Ahmed QR24
Gate11: @Wisaam_Ahmed QR27
Gate12: @Camr QR26
Gate13: Yash Mistry QR01
Gate14: @Norshuttle909 QR28
Gate15: Usman Iqbal QR06
Gate16: Liam Kirk QR25
Gate17: @Kintul_Shah QR22
Gate18: @CaptainBraswell QR23
Gate19: @Joel1973 QR20
Gate20: @Tris
Gate21: @cristidclxvi


Any chance you can make it at 18.00 zulu?

not possible. events are held every sunday 1900Z

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Can I join if I’m not a Qatar VA pilot?

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Yes ofcourse. A gate will be assigned

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Just an hour to go till the event. We also have assigned atc coordinator from this week onwards. Hope to see you all soon

I’m at the event but im not in the event lol

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sorry guys

Is it too late to join the event?

Come in one worl livery

Sorry to clog up the airport. I’m going to the same airport as you guys

The wind is really nice today at Hawaii. I’m cruising nicely.

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I’m sorry I could not finish my flight infinitie flight crashed and started to bug up so I decited to quit.

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