Qatar Airways VA - Freighter Flight in Florida @ KTPA - 191900ZMAR17

Region: South Florida
Altitude: FL200
Cruise speed: 320kts
Server: Expert server
Aircraft: B777-200F
Date: 19/3/17
Time: 19:00UTC

Event Information:
This Sunday we will go to the one of the most beautiful cities on the coast, enjoying the long cruise freighter flight with the team at Qatar. If you are an established pilot with Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. Flight Plan will be available from callsign: QR07. We are also currently hiring for roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, please check our website: or

Parking:A04- aviaperevozchik QR03
Parking:A06- r3life QR02
Parking:A08-@Samcollins01 QR08
Parking:A10- Yash Mistry QR01
Parking:A12- @Wisaam_Ahmed QR04
Parking:A14- @XA613RZ QR07
Parking:A16- @Ar_Valencia QR15
Parking:A18- @George_Craggs QR16
Parking:C30-@CaptainBraswell QR12
Parking:C32-@Joel1973 QR10
Parking:C34- Liam Kirk QR14
Parking:C36- Alexander Pehrman QR18
Parking:C38- Soydepr QR11
Parking:C40- Joshua_Fleming QR09
Parking:C42- Aydin Ramiz QR13
Parking:C44 Calum Tait QR19
Parking:E62 @samuel_48 QR101
Parking:E65 @Ricardo-acosta QR102
Parking:E67 @Emarati_AD QR103


Please sign me up also… Finally an expert server event


For sure come, Qatar airways VA give so many fun

I will be there, call me QR20

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Unfortunately QR20 is for tested and ranked pilots. Your callsign is QR102

Sing me up with QR103 please, thanks

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My infinite flight stopped

Sign me pease please

Just go and fly event has started

May I ask, what airport are you departing from in that picture?

I am not sure. Our ex corporate photographer took that shot.

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