Qatar Airways VA - Christmas Flight in South Florida @ KTPA - 251900ZDEC16

Region: South Florida
Altitude: FL280
Cruise speed: 310kts
Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: B787-8

ATC Coordinator: Yash Mistry (me)

Event Information:
This Sunday we will go to the one of the most beautiful cities on the coast,Merry Christmas and enjoying the long cruise with the team at Qatar. If you are an established pilot with Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. Flight Plan will be available from callsign: QR17.We are also currently hiring for roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, please check our website: or


Parking:A04- aviaperevozchik QR17
Parking:A06- r3life QR12
Parking:A08-@Samcollins01 QR14
Parking:A10-@Nayeem_Ahmed QR24
Parking:A12-@Wisaam_Ahmed QR27
Parking:A14-@Camr QR26
Parking:A16- @Kevinlu11
Parking:A18-@Kintul_Shah QR22
Parking:C30-@CaptainBraswell QR23
Parking:C32-@Joel1973 QR20
Parking:C34- Liam Kirk QR25
Parking:C36- Usman Iqbal QR06
Parking:C38- Soydepr QR21
Parking:C40- Joshua_Fleming QR18
Parking:C42- @mo_hecht
Parking:C44 @Vignesh_S


Give me a gate please

what day and time western please?

Please read the event brief above. And do your own appropriate research to find time conversion. Thank you

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25 December 2016
1900Z - ( Western time -6hours GMT , so 1300z/1pm)


I Will not be able to come Will be going to australia at that day.

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Can you take away my tag becoause I can not come.

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ok sounds good, defiantly will come thx!

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Use this for time converter

Put me in @QR01

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Event starts in 45 mins. See you all soon

Can u put me in ?

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Guys start spawning in now

ATC active in 2 mins

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