Qatar airways to resume service to Atlanta, add service to other US airports

Qatar Airways has announced major changes to the USA deatinations.
Starting off with:

  1. June 1st - Qatar Airways will resume service to Atlanta 4x weekly on the 777-200LR.
  2. Qatar airways will be increasing other services to aircrafts.
  • March 14 - Qatar airways IAH flights will be going up to 5x weekly on the A350-1000.
  • January 29th, Qatar airways will fly the inaugural service to Seattle on the B777-300ER next week.
  • July 2nd, Qatar airways will operate DAILY flights to San Francisco with the A350-900.
  • July 3rd - Qatar Airways will operate 3x weekly flights to Miami on the B777.
    Now the more exciting part about all this.
    Qatar airways will be adding up to 10x weekly flights to Chicago O’hare international airport, and Dallas/ Fort Worth international airport.
    Both additional flights will be operated by Boeing 777-200LRs.
    The Dallas flight will start on March 2nd while the O’hare 10x starts 2 days after.
    Both will operate 3x weekly flights on the separate aircraft.
    QR 731/732 - Will operate Dallas flights. Arrives at 8:50 AM, departs 11:35PM.
    QR724/723 operate cargo flights to Chicago, could become the passenger flights for the 10x weekly service. It arrives in ORD at 7:30 AM and departs 1:30 am the next day.

With all of this happening, Qatar airways has really stepped their game up with USA routes, from my opinion I am very excited as a DFW plane spotter and impressed. Qatar airways now flys to 12 USA destinations.


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

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