Qatar Airways to Fly A380-800's to/from Melbourne

Finally newer planesss! Another A380 serviceee


Why was this at spotting if it didn’t involve in any of it?

I moved it for #real-world-aviation:spotting to #real-world-aviation for you


Oh! Sorry and thank you :)

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I guess this is pretty good. They already operate the A350 here, and they are already the largest A380 operator in Sydney.

@Ninetales how nice of him😇

Fantastic that makes 3 A380 flights on that route.

  • Qantas A380
  • Emirates A380
  • Now Qatar A380
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Well, great news for the MEL spotteers lol.

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You forgot Etihad ;)

Ah okay I thought it was just the 777 they flew to Melbourne.

I’m guessing you’re Adelaide? Wish if we got them here in Sydney, would love to see an A350 ;(

Yeah, Adelaide gets them a lot.

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Saw one of their a350 s when I flow in to Adelaide think they fly daily.

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yes, Qatar airways flys their a350 to Adelaide daily, Adelaide needs more flights!, luckily, they are looking into American flights, and good job for Melbourne, another middle east a380!, it will be beautiful seeing them all.

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well yes! finally another A380 to YMML. well, I’ve already taken a video of the 777.

I know there is a Singapore airlines A359 on the thumbnail
now I can take a vid of the A388 too!


well that’s definetly including me!


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