Qatar Airways Orders Big

Qatar Airways has announced a large order from Boeing today. The order consist of 30 Boeing 787-8, 10 Boeing 777-300ER. They also purchased a letter of intent or options for 60 Boeing 737-8 Max planes.

The net worth of the order is estimated to be $18.6 billion including the 737’s.

Qatar has also stated that they will not cancel their 50 A320 Neos. They have cancelled their first 4 but are not going to cancel their others at this time.

If you ask me this is a huge blow for airbus as Qatar was going to purchase more Neos but due to the engine problems they refused


What do people think?


I know which user I’m sending this topic too 👀
interestec to see how this plays out

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The 737MAX order seems very interesting.


It’s only an LOI for the Boeing 737s, I wouldn’t be so sure about QR canceling all of their A320s at this time. Interesting to see QR picking up more 777-300ERs, they have to be priced somewhere under $150,000,000 for QR to bite.

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There is no order, just a letter of intent, it doesn’t mean much until QR converts them to full orders.

But still, it would be funny to see Qatar 737s.

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QR would be throwing away massive amounts of money if they were to walk away from their NEOs at this point in time. Airbus would be laughing all the way to the bank on the money they got for delivering essentially nothing other than having to assemble then strip an interior, and they’ve got a bunch of white-tail A320s they can sell to someone else.

I believe the 787s are -9s. Welp, another livery to request.

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Qatar’s livery looks interesting on the 737🤔 It will have to grow one me.

I would like to see a 737 in Qatars livery. I think it would look pretty good.

Wow. Surprised about the 737, the A320 has a lot more cargo and passenger space. A better aircraft. I hate to say this as I’m a Boeing fan…

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Maybe the 737 is cheaper to operate.

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Qatar is so rich they just buy everything. 737,777,787,A380,A350,A319,A320,

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Heck also buy the 767 and 757 while there at it. also a little 717.


Too bad they’re out of production and Qatar is too rich now to order used.

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