Qatar Airways “one world” livery Boeing 777-300ER

As (hopefully) everyone knows this livery was in infinite flight prior to 20.2 but in the update this beauty was removed. Although it maybe a while there’s hope that this will be added once again.

If you like the livery and have a vote to spare please vote for it!

(Picture by me)

We need her back :(


There may be a reason this was taken out… to make way for new liveries? We can’t have every airline’s special liveries unfortunately. I agree that its a great livery and should be re-added but the devs must have a reason for removing it.

And yet we have 3 AA liveries and 3 United liveries on the -200ER?


All I’m saying is that there must have been a reason for it’s removal.

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Yes it is a must and we only have 2 for the UA livery.

Please vote 🥺

There 100% is a justifiable reason why. Back when 20.1 was released introducing the B772, Jason (or maybe Misha - I can’t remember exactly who) mentioned that liveries use up a significant amount of memory and this poses a challenge with regards to deciding which liveries stay, which go, and which get added.

I’d guess that the reason this was removed was to make room for a different livery in order to optimize the app’s performance - especially when dealing with hardware (memory) constraints.


Found this little snippet from Phillipe. Not many people used the livery, so it was removed.


Yeah this is post I was referring to. I guess I was wrong about who posted it

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Nice request! Infinite Flight did a good job on the 777s, but it came out a lot with the paintings. Showing that IFC is a waste of time if you don’t support paintings that the Developers like.

Voted! Idk why they didn’t ship it to the new version

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I actually used this livery often but sadly got removed not sure it will be back

I know it was the Qatar livery I always used

@Alec I do agree but maybe in future Infinite Flight may be able to have many more liveries, you never know! So @TylerShah I think this is worth it and good luck with this!

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Hopefully in the future IF will be able to support more liveries (project metal/vulkan etc.) RFS literally has so many (they allow users to create liveries though).

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