Qatar Airways Lounge Access

Hi guys, this year in April, my family and I will be travelling from a Melbourne to Amman. We have booked and have seen that our layover on our returning flight in Doha is 6 hours. We have researched and have seen that Qatar Airways allows us to buy a Lounge Access pass. However, when going onto the Qatar Airways site, it is a little complicated and we cannot seem to see the booking page for it.

If anyone has done this before and knows how to purchase this lounge pass it would be much appreciated. We have contacted Doha Airport and Qatar airways but am just trying to get multiple views!

We got passes when checking in at the check in desk. Sometimes you can even pay at the lounge to get in.

However im not sure if its changed now, but ,y dad got us in because he had his Air traffic control pass, as he worked up the tower at Doha.

But if i were you try frond some more research or wait till the day and pay in person

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I think for the Al Mourjan try this page and follow the “purchase lounge access” link. You may have to go in to your booking and buy it through there.


Also ask @dush19 he travels through Doha alot.

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