Qatar Airways introduces new Super Business Class.

Qatar Airways have finally introduced their most awaited ‘Super Business Class’ after being delayed for 2 years. More of it here:


Reminds me of First but equipped with more seats. I thought it is a First at first 😂


That looks pretty cool. I rate that a lot.

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I think this Super J would be good for families or a Group of Business Travellers. Love their thinking.

Here is a video about the new seat (Dubbed as Business Suite)


Really? I feel like it looks too much like a BA Club World without walls, where you end up accidentally staring at the people across from you. Families of 4 I understand, but couples seems awkward and so does any increment bigger/smaller.

Looks really nice IMO

Great concept 👍

Can’t wait to see it becoming reality


Truly superb , going to set the bench mark for luxury. However a seat is a seat, it is the little things that count such as food , service and so on. It will be interesting to see what Emirates does with their new First class cabin expected to be announced in the next few days !


But QR’s first class still doesn’t have doors, what gives? XD

This is so utterly amazing. Too bad I’m stuck in economy…


This is the new Business class not First. First will now be only on the A380.

That looks deadly, wouldnt mind travelling on that someday

Five words: still out of my range.


I know, I’m pointing out that there are now doors in Business class but not first class.

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Ceo of Qatar airways asks: how many doors can we fit on a plane?

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How about 35 or more doors ;)

Can you imagine the cost of a ticket for these seats?

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I would think around £2-3,000 per person, so for a family of 4 that’s about £8-12,000


Mind you, it’s only for long haul flights and people who are very rich

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I think something is planned down the line for first , it is been indicated that first will be slowly removed from cabins …

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Everyone calm down about the pricing. The CEO Has said that it will be the same current business class price.