Qatar Airways interested in supersonic travel

Last month, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker announced that he is personally interested in the Boom Supersonic Jet. “We’re very interested in supersonic flight and refer to private efforts to create a new supersonic transport”, he said.

About Boom Technology
Boom Technology is an American startup company based in Colorado and founded by Blake Scholl, Joe Wilding, and Josh Krall in 2014. Boom Technology aims to develop a Mach 2.2 aircraft capable to cross the Atlantic Ocean in no more than three hours. This type of aircraft is to be released in 2023, however, due to delays, this may be unlikely.

Boom Supersonic Jet
Cruising Speed: Mach 2.2 (3,200 kph)
Seating Capacity: 55 passengers
Range: 8,300 kilometers


This is very interesting to hear. I wonder if this’ll only be for their private transport. Do you have a source?


Indeed I do. Here are the following links for making this post:

Boom website:
Qatar Airways’s announcements:

External sources: Wikipedia, Qatar Airways Press Conference on A350-1000 delivery


Interesting. Wasn’t it JAL or something thay was also interested in this? This aircraft would either be a huge success or a terrible failure.

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Well people in Qatar are rich enough so they can definitely fund this project by flying on them

Ha. Good luck. That’s within range of their companies fundings but will passengers be interested in this type of super travel

Virgin Atlantic and Japan Airlines are first in line to receive these jets. But these would sell like hotcakes in the Middle East and Asia.
I expect there will be corporate / private owners too.

This woukd be cool, maybe if they do their SYD-Qatar itll give me a chance to fly on it. Now that wouod be an unforgettable experience

Would Qatar Airways (or whoever would be taking delivery of these) even have routes they could use these on? The Concorde (which was banned from flying over land) had an effective perceived noise of 105 decibels, and the Boom will have an effective perceived noise of about 75 dB if their calculations are correct. For comparison, that would mean that a Boom flying overhead would be about as loud as a hairdryer. I would assume that although lower than the Concorde, many would not appreciate being bothered such a noise even two times a day on repeat for multiple years (for reference, an alarm clock, a baby screaming, and a vacuum are at about 80 decibels). Other potential operators (by JAL and Virgin Atlantic) can take advantage of over-ocean flying, which Qatar (for most destinations) cannot.

Looking at Doha-London (a typical European destination), there would be a minimum of overflight over most of Europe and Syria. Even with overflight over the Mediterranean, you’d still need to fly (potentially) over Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia (as well as the distance overland to the destination airport). Flying over these places at subsonic speed reduces the whole point of supersonic travel, as it increases journey time.

Looking at Tokyo, you see the same story. The range of the Boom is supposedly 8300km, about the distance between Doha and Tokyo. Flying below India, Sri Lanka, and cutting through Southeast Asia is far off of the great circle route, which means that the distance taken would be much longer (putting most destinations out of reach).

This is a map of the potential range of the Boom (it looks like Asia, Africa, and Europe would be usable from Doha). While coastal African destinations may be possible (think Cape Town for example), any destination inland (Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Dakar, etc.) wouldn’t be feasible without overland supersonic flight. Europe has the same story — most destinations are, to some degree, inland and would require significant overflight. And Asia has a similar issue, further compounded by the fact that Chinese airspace corridors would also reduce usable range. The whole point of an aircraft is to transport people from A to B. If you can’t use it to go where you’re going, then why buy it? I don’t mean to question the feasibility of the entire Boom project, but rather its use by operators like Qatar Airways, with limited actual usability.

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Of course they want this, this is why the middle east airlines exist to do things like by 200+ A380, amd be intrested in super sonic travel, wouldnt it be great to heve that much money…

Well that’s gonna be expensive for sure.

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The Concorde was built such a long time ago so I expect these issues to be sorted out otherwise it’s set up to fail.

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