Qatar Airways | First Airbus A350-1000 delivery and Press Conference

Qatar Airways | First A350-1000 delivery & Press Conference


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Hello, as some of you might have known about this. Qatar Airways as one of the biggest customers of the Airbus A350XWB Family, is going to take their first A350-1000 today in Toulouse. Alongside the delivery of the first A350-1000, Qatar Airways and Airbus are currently holding a pretty interesting press conference to discuss about the future of Qatar Airways, Air Italy, A350, and Airbus. With some leaks of Qatar Airways’ 787 Business Class too

I’m making this topic as a tracking topic of this exciting news. Feel free to edit this topic with the lastest news of the press confrence and of the delivery itself here ;)


In The Making of Qatar’s A350-1000

Press Conference [LIVE]


Credits of the Photos
  • Photos of Economy and QSuites (1st and 2nd) are source to @londonspotter 's Instagram

  • Photo of the exterior view (3rd) belongs to @speedbirduk 's Instagram

Some Highlights

  • Qatar Airways is not going to fit QSuites on 787 due to narrow fuselage, instead they will fit newer Business Cabin with more privacy

  • Qatar Airways is not interested in taking Bombardier CSeries, due to unclear and vague delivery schedule according to Akbar Al Baker


Oh my gosh. I love this aircraft so much, and it suits the Qatar Livery best out of all of them in my opinion. Can’t wait!

Going to watch that conference for a bit now too. ;)


The Conference just ended. Stay tuned for next news ;)



I love it when airlines make these ‘In The Making Of’ videos

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Just updated the photos that I got from Instagram several minutes ago

Photos of Economy and QSuites (1st and 2nd) are credits to @londonspotter 's Instagram

Photo of the Exterior View credits to @speedbirduk 's instagram

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That’s beautiful! I don’t understand when people say the 787 looks like the a350; they’re both very different and magnificent aircraft. The a350’s fuselage and nose shape just look outstanding!


And According to Al Baker, The 787 doesn’t have a wide enough cabin for the new Q-Suite, Unlike the A350 and the rest of the fleet.


Already mentioned in the first post


I dont understand comments refering to the 787 and A350 being the same! (you cant say that to an aviation lover) I think that a comment like that would said by an Non-Avgeek. I love the A350 and feel that Qatar being its launch customer is great!


I recommend everyone watches this video from 27:00. The effects they did on the aircraft were really cool!


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