Qatar Airways ~ Economy Class Re-Invented

Qatar airways have just released promotional materials to show off their new economy class product. I must say I’m suprised given they already had such a brilliant product. These new seats even have 4K screens fitted to them! Aside from this the amentity kits will be improved and the overall service provided including food and beverages. The rollout is estimated to be complete in within the next 5 years with new aircraft having it fitted as standard on delivery.

Take a look at the video below and let me know your thoughts on this and see the links to their social media pages.


Just watched their Instagram stream several hours ago and I have to say that their new Economy sounds promising. Great to see Qatar keeps innovating in midst of fierce competition in the airline industry!


It is truly amazing, many airlines already can’t compete with what Qatar have but now they must be the market leader. And it’s great to see the smaller aircraft also getting it. It’s about time economy passengers get more amenities rather than the focus being solely on business class.


The way they keep upgrading their services is very good they always come up with something new every year some companies just buy the plane and watch it gets old haha

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Why can’t US based airlines care about comfort and service?

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That’s when JetBlue comes in!


This looks really nice

The design is beautiful, but the seats don’t look very comfortable with how thin they are. I also never liked seats with tray tables that split into two, the hinges tend to wear out after a few years and the tray just flops down and whatever you put in the outer half always looks like it’s about to fall out.

The addition of Type C and the reclining is really great though, hopefully other airlines can take note and follow their example. Reclining has always been a worry for me every time on a flight, and the social anxiety doesn’t help much. Hopefully I get a chance to take Qatar in the future to try their new product!


I had the same concerns, the seat itself doesn’t look comfortable. Knowing Qatar though I’m sure it’s much better than it looks. We will have to wait and see!


Indeed! As @Big_Elijah said, Delta & jetBlue is topping their fleet up with some great new equipment!

Chatta mentioned briefly about the new meal service, and as a slight correction, it has been announced that it will begin being served next month!

Picture from BT linked by Chatta


Qatar is known for their customer service, luxury and comfort all at a world class level. They deliver the best of the best, suitable to every customer in need for each scenario. They (Qatar Airways), whom I’ve flown with numerous times has shown a great respect and hospitality to me as a avid flyer and a loyal customer to their airline. With seat comfort being one major key to why I fly with them. The seats are very high quality and are suited for their long haul routes that are in their network. This upgrade is a very pleasant surprise and I welcome it with open arms.

We all want a seat that accommodates a high quality, fine, crisp display to view out IFE content on. With ORYX ONE being one of the IFE with the broadest choice of channels in terms categories out there, to watch on a screen that is top of line will please the consumers needs.

Additionally we have legroom. We all who have, are or will fly Economy will want legroom. No wants to for health reasons as well as other factors sit cramped for hours. Extra legroom with no extra add on price is what will appeal to the consumer thinking of buying a economy seat for a long haul flight.

This new elegant design with a goal in mind to serve the passenger with comfort is what Qatar stands for. They are willing to offer the absolute best they have and evene beyond that. I’m happy to Qatar Airways taking another step in the direction of passenger comfort. This is a true airline, there for their customer, whenever you need them, wherever you are flying to.


Simply amazing, Qatar’s economy product is top notch to say the least and to know that they are planing on improving it futher, It only makes things better. I’m flying on a Qatar Airways Dreamliner in July and I don’t suppose it would be fitted in by then. I’m excited to see the results of things and how good the feedback would be.

Not sure how this re-invents economy class…
Sure, the dual trays can be handy and the IFE is stunning, but it’s not like they’ve invented a new seat or anything. Weird that they make a big deal out of the moving headrests, I’ve flown VS, SK and KL recently, and they all have it, and it seems like it can do the exact same thing. Not sure I get the big hype about it tbh.

And BTW knowing QR, it will be at least a couple of years before this begins to be on more than a few planes.

Maybe you are right but it’s more so the next generation. It’s got a lot of new advancements which I forese being the industry standard for many years to come. The new A321neos will have this cabin and all new deliveries coming up so it shouldn’t be too long, certainly not like other carriers with old cabins in half their planes, I think they are just demonstrating all the features of the Seat aswell including those already existing because as you rightfully said adjustable headrests aren’t new at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Citing TPG: “Al Baker later shared that it would be 5-8 years before the new economy seat is installed fleetwide.” 5-8 year is a long time. It’s nice, indeed. I don’t think I would go out of my way to try and fly it, though. I just don’t see the reason to say they’re “re-inventing” economy when they probably aren’t. :)

Makes sense, they wouldn’t take their new A350 aircraft and just re fit them after they spent millions on the cabin. I see older aircraft getting it first. And the reinvented is my term, I guess we have different views on this respectively. Let’s see how this pans out, certainly gives something new for other airlines to match, I’m sure you can agree :)

I’m actually pretty sure Qatar themselves has said it, not complete sure, though.
I don’t think anyone would mind airlines trying to compete with QR, would only make the passenger experience better.
The Quisine thing looks awesome, though.

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Is no one concerned that people will be forced to buy a USB-C adapter to charge their phone on this flight if they don’t already have one? I think fewer adapters is always better. No reason they couldn’t stick to the universal power and USB-A to keep everyone happen. This is what happens when companies try to innovate too hard.

Not sure but this is the way cars are also going, newer BMW’s simply have the USB Type C adapter. And if you fast charge you would have one for your iPhone but yes I guess it could pose an issue for some people. I would have thought the power sockets would remain. Also most android devices utilise this. I for one and waiting for Apple to fully switch over.

Well, USB-C is the future.
It’s great for newer Mac users, as they now can charge their MacBooks fast, they probably also will have a USB-C to USB converter, so that shouldn’t be an issue… #donglelife
For everyone else, it’s the future, and it’s gonna suck for a while.

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