Qatar Airways Cargo Airbus A330-200F

Qatar Cargo A330-200F

Hey IFC!

Since the old thread is outdated, and has 0 votes, I decided to make a re-master of this beautiful livery,
If you feel that this is not needed, please don’t hesitate too close. Anyways, to the request!


About the A330-200 Freighter variant
About Qatar Cargo
Why I think we need this

Well, pretty much like my Qatar Airways A330-300 request here, I feel that this livery is very nice, and since its one of the largest operators of the A330F, why not add this livery to the existing aircraft in Infinite Flight?

I really hope you would drop a vote to se this livery in the future.

As always, see you around, or in the skies!

We need more -Freighter liveries, and this one looks awesome! If only this livery will come after the Airbus A330 rework.


Definitively agree!