Qatar Airways cancelled their first A320neo

Qatar Airways cancelled the first Airbus A320neo, could order the 737NG or the new 737MAX. That was a low punch for Airbus.😁


I wonder what they’re going to do to the planes they already have. (That’s if they have them in the fleet)

Although I can’t see them getting newer 737’s, I still think a Qatar Airways livery on the 737 would look smart! 😉


Holy crap I did not see that coming…


According to their fleet section, they don´t have A320neos.


Alright, well time to give them to other customers instead of stuffing around with Qatar’s orders. 🙃


I hope Aerolíneas Argentinas buys them.


The entire order is not cancelled, it’s just for the first plane. Everyone is freaking out over nothing.

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Sorry my bad, I just mistakenly wrote wrong the information. And this is a reason for freak out because this caused Qatar Airways some adjustments to their schedules and to reduce some frequencies. If they continue to cancel the entire order and for other Airbus aircraft pending order, it will cause a big trouble to Airbus.


I really don’t think Airbus will care much about 50 A320s out of their backlog of over 4000 A320 NEOs. With the A350 and A380 deliveries started, they can’t not take on a significant amount so they don’t end up with an orphan fleet. I won’t be too alarmed by Al-Baker’s ravings.

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Seems the fight Boeing Vs Airbus is getting real…I’ll wait until the order 737Max…then LOL

I believe they were the launch customer but there was a fault which meant they would have to leave the engines running for longer before pushback or something I’m not entirely sure but the said if the aircraft is not complete for normal operation they don’t want to take delivery of it

Please control your words 👍🏻


I think it’s another Airbus cancellation by ME3s
I still remember when Emirates cancelled their A350s which is a Big loss for Airbus…

Qatar is probably going back to Boeing. If Airbus wants it back, they will have to work really hard for it. Maybe Qatar is just doing this so they can get the planes cheaper.

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