Qatar Airways B777-300ER New Livery


Hello IFC :) Great News!! The Boeing B777 Family will be getting a fresh rework!! Today I’m requesting Qatar Airways’s B777-300ER/-200LR/-200F New Livery.

In IF We have Qatar Airways B777 old livery which doesn’t exists at all since at least 2015, making it Un-Realistic ( As well as A380 )

Here’s a comparison Of Qatar Airways B777-300ER IF & IRL

As you see, the real life Qatar Airways new livery Features a smaller and a much better looking QR Tail Logo than the
older one which flows out of the tail.
The new Livery Is also a bit lighter.
I really hope IF takes Qatar Airways Livery Into consideration, it’s my favorite airline and one of my favorite liveries :)


Remember, you can only request one variant per livery. I’d suggest changing the title to the 777-300ER and making a separate request for the 777-200LR.


Yep. Exactly as @aviationex_91190 said
However, make sure that variant is not already requested


Thanks for your help :)

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Thanks for your help =)


Never noticed this, but now I can’t unsee it. Voted.

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Thank you very much for you vote :) You’re right “ we can’t unsee It”

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So, the only difference is the tail? In that case, it would be easier just to edit the one we already have.


Tail, + A bit lighter shade Maroon. I hope it gets edited at least.

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Reminder, please remove one of the photos in your post. Otherwise, nice livery.


I think having two is fine since the comparison is important in this case.

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Yes, in this case, both pictures are needed for the comparison and that’s allowed as stated in the guidelines 🤗

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Oh, still kind of new! :)

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