Qatar Airways B777-300ER - FC Barcelona Livery

This could also be our first sponsoring airline!

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I can honestly say that I hate soccer and would never fly this.

Same, Messi. Isn’t there a livery with Messi on it?..


What about Fanhansa? Don’t you like the livery? I know it’s just a mere change of the logo but the Fanhansa logo looks awesome!

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Messi and the whole team.


Long live FC Barcelona!

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One more to my list of impossible dreams in IF!

Nice Livery. Would be good Friend with Turkish Airlines(FCBarca) 👍🏼 here

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Nice would love to see this unique livery in here

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It probably won’t be added considering there is Qatar’s livery for the 77L, 77W (and One World), and the 788.
But it is still a nice livery

Visca El Barca! Still sad that David Villa left FC Barcelona ;-; Hopefully this livery gets added though.

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Viva el Barca!

Well, I don’t like soccer, but it’s a nice livery though.

I’d love to see this! #messi

theres lots the are not xD


Would love to see this livery on the 777.

I’ve seen this at my local airport YPPH beautiful aircraft!!!

bandwagon xD jokes[quote=“dush19, post:11, topic:17741, full:true”]
You live near Barcelona, so you are an FC Barcelona fan… #datlogic

Well I don’t care about football but add this livery lol


I had to remove a vote for this beauty.

Barcelona is my favorite soccer team so I would love to see it in Infinite Flight.

Messi, AKA “La Pulga” in Latin America is my favorite player.

PS: sorry for necroposting. I just had to.