Qatar Airways' Airbus A380 to fly Perth-Doha from May 2018

Starting in May 2017, Qatar will fly their A380-800 from Doha-Perth-Doha. The second A380 to come into perth, this is exciting for me (and probably @TheFlyingPancake)!

The 777-300ER used to fly in here at about 1730 local time and hopefully the Whale will then too.

I’m ready for you Purple Whale!


is it first a380 for perth?

edit : emirates probably already fly 20 of then a day already lol


Emerites flies daily
(I butchered that spelling)

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yeah theres not many places Emairates dont send there a380

Hmm cool! Looking forward to seeing that here! PER is starting to get better lol

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I have just seen every possible spelling of the word Emirates in this one topic


Emirates fly 2 flights daily to Perth, one operated by a B777 and the other operated by A380

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