Qatar Airways Airbus A321


Love this little plane guys!


Love this plane, the added length makes it look better then the A320 and A319 with its wings that look like they are too small 😂


Surprised, never know that they operate the A321.

The only A320 series plane that is actually porportional is the A320.

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That’s what makes it so boring, but A321 has far more character and will carry more to boot.


And it’s the only narrowbody that someone did 1-1 seating on. AA A321T.

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True, it’s not a bad plane. But it really does not satisfy my OCD.

[Spoiler](I’m actually diagnosed, and not just making fun of the disease)[/Spoiler]

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As I’ve said in a Qatar a320 thread, Qatar looks weird on narrow-bodies, but it does look nice

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That is so amazing

😍 I support this

Indeed it does, especially when its parked next to or in between 777s.

Elegance and class, I love this livery so much!

It seems like Qatar’s livery is better on larger aircraft.

I prefer the look of the small gazelle…

Amazing one

Thanks for the support!

Bit of self bumping lol. :)

I was about to request this several hours ago :P

Btw, I love the Oryx Tail ;)