Qatar Airways - Airbus A320

Qatar Airways Airbus a320 Livery Request

The Feature Request

This feature request (if you couldn’t tell already) is for the Qatar Airways Airbus a320. I would like it if it were implemented into Infinite Flight, and what better time to ask than when the developers are adding more liveries?

The Aircraft

The Airbus a320 is a narrow-body commercial airliner that is capable of performing short to medium haul flights. It is used across the globe by hundreds of airlines, and about 4,200 exist today. It has two engines, and can be configured to use 5 different types of engines.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is an airline based in Doha, Qatar. They have 39 Airbus a320s, and have over 200 aircraft in their fleet. With destinations to over 150 cities in 5 continents, it’s no wonder why they were rated one of the best airlines in the world. The animal on the tail of their aircraft is the Oryx; the national animal of Qatar.

My Opinion

The aircraft is beautiful! Qatar’s fleet in Infinite Flight is severely lacking small aircraft, which makes it difficult to operate a Virtual Airline. This aircraft would open up many more routes to be flown with Qatar’s livery, as well as allow my VA to add another, low-ranking aircraft to our fleet! Currently, the second smallest aircraft in Qatar’s fleet in IF is the 787-8, which is definitely not a small aircraft. I truly believe that the addition of this livery would be beneficial to Infinite Flight.


[F-WWIC Qatar Airways Airbus A320-232 Photo by Koschi | ID 259619 |]

[Airbus A320 family - Wikipedia]

[Qatar Airways named world's best airline – while BA plummets down the rankings]


The livery looks sweet. I’ve seen this in a few “Youtube Flight Reports” and it looks cooler in person. This would definitely make a great addition to Infinite Flight


I would vote for many livery requests but I just cannot I don’t have any votes left!

Liked it! This aircraft misses as much as the FlyDubai 737-800. 👏👏👏



This would be sick in IF C:

more out of the US planes Plz. More variety for events.

Surprised this topic has very few votes considering the number of routes it flies to.

Well i think we dont need it cuz we have the A321 and A319 already

I’d really like to fly this one!

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Cant wait to see this livery in future!

Nice request. We do have the QA A319 though, which I have used extensively, both IRL and in IF!

Can you please add the Qatar Airways A320 also with the folded wingtip. For example A7-AHX

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They don’t fly A319 anymore bro, idk what kinda irl you flying 😂

The IRL you mention is called “past”. I used to live there… 😉
BTW, i just dropped a vote!

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So many of Qatar’s routes are operated with the A320… An absolute must have!