Qatar Airways Airbus A320-200

Flew it a couple of times in real life and would look great in IF!

Photo Credit to Kristóf Csemniczky


Where u from?

Surprisingly no one requested this even though there are a lot of Qatar Liveries! Would probably work out good for Qatar Virtual. Anyway Yes please!


It would be a great livery to have in Infinite Flight for the A320!

I’m shocked ! Nice livery

I am from Australia but I’ve flown on this beauty from Doha, Qatar to Ankara, Turkey.

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Oh ok yeah I thought this was already in lol

Flown on this one. Mostly empty flight, enjoyed it.

It’s weird seeing Qatar on smaller jets, I’m so use to seeing it on 777s, a350s, and a380s


It’s a shame this aircraft has been added, its one of my favorites mostly because it has Wifi and in-flight cellular service (which isn’t free :( ).

Huh? Did you mean it’s a shame it wasn’t added?

We need this so bad. More medium domestic jet aircraft liveries up next hopefully!

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IF hasn’t added this to the a320. I flew it a lot over the summer.

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It sucks that IF never added this :( flew on it so many times over summer and Qatar seems like a big operator and its livery is amazing.


I’ve seen these in Helsinki, they look great. 😍😎

That’s a beautiful livery (like all Qatar liveries)

It looks cute on the A320. Not like all the other big planes they own.

The engines are tiny and doesn’t look good compared to the bigger jets(on Qatar Livery)

I’ve been on this :) It’s quite nice.