Qatar Airways A380 | Melbourne - Doha

Hey fellow members!

I am going to be flying from Melbourne to Doha on the mighty Qatar Airways 380 in about a week time, Flight Number QR905.

Has anybody flown on the Qatar 380? What was it like? Food any good?
The flight duration is 14 hours. Does anybody have any tips on how to get through time while in the sky? Thanks!

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Some people may say to get drunk so you’re wasted and don’t remember the entire journey. Do not do this, you will have a headache. Take your own device I’m not sure on this but Qatar should have charging points to keep you entertained. Try to sleep while it is nighttime at your destination so you’re better adjusted when you land.

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Sleep. Youre on an A380. Amazing legroom and very comfortable.

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Issue is I cannot sleep on airplanes (lol). But I will try!


I have the same issue. get some sleep medicine. i use Unisom. will help you get to sleep and stay asleep. the long flights ive had thats what ive done. unfortunately for LFPG-KDFW i was awake the whole time, was miserable and sucked when i was back home and jet lagged

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For very time of flight. Its recommend watch movies and enjoy food and drinks on board!

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Just look out the window for a long period of time and trust me you’ll get to sleep and you will sleep for a long time. Works on me all the time.

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Your in economy right? QR food and service make the USA3 look like trash.

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Just happens that one day ago I was in an A350 for 16 hours! (: As for what to do on a long haul, I doubt there is much more than getting some sleep, using the IFE system and perhaps reading a book.

When it comes to Qatar and their service, it is some of the best in the world. Food is good (most of the time) , crew are very freindly and if you ask the crew members and/or pilots about visiting the cockpit, they’re quite chill about it (I managed to get a peek at the A350 cockpit on Qatar)

Anyway, overall a great experience!
Have a fantastic flight!

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When it comes to Qatar, I’ve most likely flown with them at least 8-10 times in my life so far.

Never on the A380 though but on the 77W, 788 and A350.

The food is pretty good, it’s a high standard airline with great food, sometimes there’s been cases where the food wasn’t to my liking but that to be expected. But overall it’s a nice meal you’ll have.

In-Flight Entertainment System:
Oryx One, that’s IFE of Qatar and it’s probably one of the best ones out there. With a wide variety of options to choose from. Movies, Songs and all the great stuff from around the world. You’ll surely find something to watch or listen to to make the time fly away.

You can’t sleep, huh… well at least try, for a long journey like this it’s good to take a nap. Let me give you a good advice to reduce jetlag. If your flight is a overnight flight then sleep and wake up the next morning in MEL. If it’s a daytime flight then maybe take a nap but not more than 3 or 4 hours. What you want to do is, sleep at your accommodation in Melbourne if you land at night time or if you land there during the day then stay awake the whole day.

Well for a ULH like this one, sitting in throughout the whole flight is pretty much deadly in the long run. One can get serious issues wih health if sitting for too long too often. One time flight may not cause any harm but you never know. The A380 is big so can wall down the aisle and stretch your legs and do some minor exercise every now and then. This is to not build up any blood clots in your body which could lead to various illnesses such as Myocardial Infarction, Stroke and many other heart related illnesses plus damages to the brain due to lack of oxygen.

The service on-board Qatar is splendid, the crew has always been kind and helpful, smiling and very professional. They’ll help you with pretty much anything you ask for. The service lives up the 5-star rating the airline has and truly shows how much they care about their passengers, about their needs in terms of comfort, food serving, and other serive related areas. They there and happy to assist you wih any inquiries you may have.

In my honest opinion I’d say that Qatar is one of the best airlines out there and you surely find a way to spend you time away. Do a little bit of everything I’ve suggested and you should be in Melbourne in no time :)

Have A Safe Flight! 😁 ✈


Thank you for your tips! :D

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Thank you buddy! Fantastic tips. Can’t wait to check out the IFE :D

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