Qatar Airways A380 livery error.

Hello, In Infinite flight, we have Qatar Airways A380 In the old livery.
But In real life Qatar Airways A380 was delivered at least 2 years after the new livery was revealed, so the QR A380 was never seen In the old livery In real life.
Check this out.

As you may have noticed, the tail difference + The word “QATAR” should have been lower.

In my opinion, this beautiful A380 livery Is done poorly unfortunately, and should be fixed. :)

I don’t understand how it was done poorly, when they were just using the old livery. If you really want the newer livery implemented, just make a feature request for it, or move the category to this topic to #features.


I think this should be moved to the “features” section


Hello, the reason I think it’s don’t poorely other than it being the old livery Is because of 3 reasons. Even if it’s in the old livery, the color should have been darker, + the word QATAR should have been on the edge, + better quality, and a real registration.


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There were a lot of things that couldn’t be done for technical reasons back then. This will be addressed when the model is reworked.


Thanks for your reply, also have a look on Qatar Airways Boeing 777s :) In IF it also have the old livery, which doesn’t exist no more, We hope to get the new livery with the rework. :)