Qatar Airways A350-900

Hey I’m back, and this time…? Another livery yay…
This time I got a qater airways livery Its purple whitch I think it’s cool because you don’t see purple liverys that much ;) I hope it gets added if it’s not in yet.Here it is
It’s in a a350 This was the first one to Tell me what you guys think


Qatar has a cool tail design but the plane lacks luster.

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As you can see it has been repainted very much the middle part is gray not white You would be saying the same thing about Thailand and air France

Yeah, pretty much.
I like IF’s old retro themes, which can be kinda boring, but I think theme suggestions should be vibrate, different and appealing.

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Yes me too nut your there are not enough liverys with purple in it

I meant not oppps

We need an A350 before we start requesting liveries for it…

Has the a350 even been added? It looks diffrent from the other planes because there front under the cockpit looks like big chin

No wonder the plane looked diffrent would one of you mind requesting it in the app?

No, the A350 hasn’t been added, and hasn’t been put in a stage of “in review” or “started” and others have requested for the A350, add on too those discussions!


The plane looks cool tho right?

Awesome livery on an awesome plane!

They started service to KPHL on January 1, 2016, it replaced their 777-200LR

Stunning piece of art, would definitely compliment Infinite Flight well.

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IM In love!

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So beautiful

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I love this!
But IMO this is better Qatar A350-900 "A350XWB Launch Customer" livery

The livery fits the A350 perfectly!

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the A350 launch customer must be added ^_^


The Qatar livery was the very first a350 I saw at EGCC! Definitely one of my favourites!