Qatar Airways A350-900 Dammam to Doha

I recently flew a Qatar A359 to Doha from Saudi Arabia after the end of the blockade.

Server: Training
Time: 0h 49min
Route: OEDF - OTHH


Awesome photos!

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Great photos :)

Lemme edit them 😈

This Photo is amazing! Great shot!

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Awesome shots!

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Yes, Doha is amazing…


Nice photos, this was my favorite!

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Stunning! I’ve done this before I believe 🙂

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Beautiful shots!

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I wasn’t expecting a bump after so long, and looking back at it, it was where I started from. Should have been my first S&V.

One of my recent photos for comparison

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Oh well, this was backlit…

That isn’t the case anymore haha

Sir, I would like to inform you that your photo is b a c k l i t . You have 48 hours to remove it or edit it out. 😛

Lol, nice photos, you’ve improved a bunch!

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It’s too old to do so

Well, I should thank Suhas.

After all, an expert in anything was once a beginner.

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