Qatar Airways A346 @ DOH

Qatar Airways A340 - 642 at DOH/OTHH (Doha)
A7-AGB, One of 4 A346’s in QR’s fleet. Mostly flies to LHR, CDG, COK and some regional routes ;)
As usual on 23rd April 2015 :P



Wish the Gulf carriers still flew their A340s to JFK. Back in the days when the A340-500 was something that was a semi-common sight at JFK. I would really like to see a QR A340-600 sometime soon-Gorgeous livery!

Really sad to see some of their special build A340-600HGWs which can ply some of the industry’s longest routes be relegated to domestic hops such as DOH-DXB…

Hope the planes stick around long enough to be flown a bit more throughout their system before they are retired Bring it to JFK!

What a spectacular aircraft! I have only seen the A330s flying for Qatar.

It’s really nice! I see it for maintenance in ZRH sometimes!