Qatar Airways A330-300

I saw that we miss much Qatar liveries one of then is the Qatar liverie A330-300
I would like this liverie:)


More Qatar liveries you say @DS2001, you have a good eye to perfection, but as this is a Qatar livery, I would say the 787 would have Qatar hopefully, and therefore that competed with an A330.

And Airbus 380-800 liverie is not like in the real would now

I’d say Qatar would be added to the a350 if it is added


I’d rather have the Edelwiess A330 in the background

There is a thread for a330 liveries requests

So? Not for Qatar airways

That’s why it’s for livery ‘requests’

Oh especially the grey finish on top 😍

I like ti this livery

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One picture per request, and that picture was already in the main post.

awesome livery

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