Qatar Airways 777 Emergency landing at military base

A Qatar Airways B777 made an an emergency landing at a Portuguese military base in the Azores islands Sunday after heavy turbulence injured passengers.

According to Passenger Azad easa who tweeted the following
“when plane dropped, three year old boy flew out his seat, and landed across aisle into the lap of a man who held him”

“some passengers bleeding after flung in the air, hitting the ceiling and landing in the aisles after plane suddenly lost altitude”

“So we disembark. Then after an hour waiting, we are told Americans can leave to hotel. Rest need visas. Almost causes a mini riot”

“Very angry scenes here. Passengers upset that Quatar staff abandoned them. Here is what is left behind”


Oh my… hope the child and all else are ok!


I hate turbulence, I hope I don’t encounter one when I become a pilot. (Surely I will)

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is why everyone should keep their seatbelts fastened while in their seats.


America! Feel bad for the other passengers though.

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The airport was Lajes airport, it’s a military base but commercial airlines are also common there.

Didn’t flight 236 land there in 2001, after it ran out of fuel

seems like a fun roller coaster in the back

That didnt seem fun

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At least now they know to keep their seatbelts fastened whenever they’re sitting now?

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