Qatar Airways 777-300ER Retro Livery

Hello everyone!

Today I bring you a livery request, one of my first feature request on the IFC, and thus it has to be something special for one of the VA I’m flying for. Representing Qatar Virtual, I would like to request the newly revealed Qatar Airways new retro livery on their 777-300ER. Repainted last weekend in Toulouse…funnily enough if you know the dispute between Airbus and Qatar. The beautiful 777-300ER registration A7-BAC rolled out the hangar sporting a beautiful new retro paint coat for Qatar Airways. The aircraft, 13.6 years of age, was painted with this livery to celebrate Qatar Airways’ 25th anniversary as an airline, and over those 25 years it has became one of the most awarded airlines in the world. The fresh retro-style livery is similar to Qatar Airways’ original livery when the airline was first founded. The repainted Boeing 777 features Qatar Airways’ classic burgundy colors and oryx on the tail. The aircraft engines are also adorned with the words ‘25 years of Excellence’, an acknowledgement to the airline’s years of service.

Thank you all for reading and thank you even more for the votes!

New 777-300ER Retro, A7-BAC, Qatar Airways Twitter (2022)

I love the design, beautiful.

Unfortunately your request do3snt follow the catagory rules currently.

Make sure to edit real quick.

Would love to see this livery come to the Sim at some point !!

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I am wondering if I could keep the second photo of the 727 in for context of the old Qatar Airways livery?

The retro is enough context. I dont think the 727 photo is necessary as people can see how nice the retro is.

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It looks so cool!

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Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Retro.


Shocking, that this isn’t been active for a while. Who doesn’t love a retro livery?


Well, unfortunately aircraft reworks and new aircrafts takes the spotlight, but hopefully down the line we can see more liveries!

Considered a “special livery” under new #features rules