Qatar airways 777-300ER One World (A7-BAA)

I really like this livery and i think some people on the community do as well, hence I am requesting it :)
I don’t believe that there was a request already created for it.

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  • I like this
  • Meh I don’t mind
  • I don’t like this

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I flew on this one back in August 2015!


Gorgeous 😍

I first flew in this plane from AMS to DOH in 2014

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Its neat and gorgeous. Me want!


Since the 777 is getting reworked, there is a possibility that the Devs might add more liveries. This livery would be great!

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Well, it’s not exactly a rework
Matt is improving the Physics and adding autoland.

Not a fan. Why would you make a gray aircraft white just to put a oneworld ad? AA kept theirs gray!

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I’m happy as long as companies keep the tail the same as the original!
I’m not a big fan of different tail designs (this excludes retro, or new versions of the livery)

Like AA changing the eagle on the tail.

This just departed KPHL, and it looks amazing

Looks to be confirmed :)

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Thank you everyone for your support, cause now we’ve got it!

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This aircraft has been added.