Qatar Airways / 777-300ER / FIFA 2022 World Cup Livery

Hello community!

Today, Qatar Airways revealed a very special livery, a livery which personally I liked a lot. I’m talking about the 2022 FIFA World Cup livery. As the next Football / Soccer World Cup is being hosted in Qatar, the airline decided to make this amazing livery which 7 planes will be using in the near future! (I don’t exactly know which planes will use it apart of the 77W, but as they used it to present it, this topic is for a 77W livery)

Link of the Instagram post they made to present the livery.

I think we should all vote for this livery to be added, although you might not really like or enjoy football, this livery has an amazing design and such a beautiful choice of colors you just can’t ignore.

I really hope you vote :)

That livery looks awesome, you got my vote


Thx for voting! 🙌🏼

What an AMAZING livery! Sadly I can’t vote for now. Will come back when I’ll have a vote available because this livery is just stunning.

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Indeed it’s really amazing!

Its not soccer.

I saw a photo of it the night it was released. An A350 is also been painted

Ik, I call it football but I wanted to avoid misunderstandings

Its known as a Football world cup. Sadly, i dont have a spare vote to put on it

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Yess 5 votes! Thx 🙌🏼

Really loving it!😍

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That’s beautiful

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Ik, it’s such a beautiful one 😍😍

Totally agree 🔥

FIFA is copyrighted, so I don’t see a big chance of it coming into the game honestly

Well, yeah, that’s true but I still have confidence 😂

I will make my taco happy :D

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Ayyyy thanks Nuutti😂😂🌮🌮🌮🌮

Hey José, you definitely have my vote on this one!

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Thanks a lot Max! 🙌🏼 Hope more votes to come

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Thx for 10 votes! This grew faster than I expected 😂

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