Qatar Airways 1499 HTDA to OTHH

Hello this is my flight from Tanzania to Qatar, hope you like it!

Aircraft: B787-8
Airline: Qatar Airways
Server: Expert
Flight time: 5hrs 35min
Airports: Dar Es Salaam-Julius Nyerere International to Hamad International

Parked at gate

Taxiing onto runway 05

And… Here we go!

Cruising over the sand dunes of Yemen…

Arrival at Sunset!

A beautiful landing!

At gate with @cangrvn @FirstOfficerErnest @N145BF and @Qatari707


hey there :D

A little dark tho but thanks for the tag my guy

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Yea I know it was past sunset but np

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Nice job. I’ve seen a large influx of the 787-8 recently and it’s nice to see it since the 787 is a beautiful plane (obv not as beautiful as the 777 but you get my point haha). Keep it up :).

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These are some awesome pics!!

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Thank you so much! And yea both the 777 and the 787 are very beautiful planes