Qatar Airbus A330-300



Nice picture, where did you take it?

Next time post it in “Real World Aviation” , thanks!

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Looks nice

Did you take that picture?

Looks like Frankfurt. I recognize the taxiway layout


If you didn’t take this picture, please leave it in #real-world-aviation, if you did take the picture, feel free to move it to #real-world-aviation:spotting. :)

@Joseph_Marcel, this is a feature request?

I was wondering the same thing.

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Yes h change IT to real world aviation is a feature topic

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By the fact that it is on the wikipedia page i’m going to guess that this is not his photo, and that its actually a #features request.

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That. Looks. Awesome! I love the Qatar Airways livery, and it looks nice on the A330 :D

I thought Qatar flies A350 into FRA

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