Qatar A350 | OTHH>YPAD | Red Earth

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This Sunday, ATC was based out of OTHH or Doha and and lately I’ve been inspired to do a flight that passes Australia’s red core. Our flight will depart Doha during the beginning of the night at night and arrives in Adelaide the evening after. Our flight leaves the middle east before flying over water, then passes the southern tips of India and through SriLanka before again flying over the sea were we view a beautiful sunrise and meet with Australia.

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight time – 13h00 Approx.
Callsign – A7-ALK

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At the gate preparing for the flight. Lots of A350s in the backgound!

Lining up RWY16L.

Lift Off! Bye Doha!

What a lovely sunrise! I tried a moonshot but I wasn’t happy with it so heres my compromise.

Just above the Australian shores we’ve climbed to FL430 and are now passing Australia’s red terrain.

Now flying above the Great Australian Bite and leaving the Nullarbor behind.

Around 10 000feet above Adelaide’s beaches descending on downwind for RWY26.

50… 40… 30… 20… 10… What a nice touch down.

Taxiing on taxiway foxtrot three to the gate with a sunset.

Now ending the flight and the day at the gate offloading passengers to stretch their legs after 13 hours.

I had so many other great pictures and views of Australia on this flight but I’ve already reached the maximum amount of pictures I can have on this topic, But I will recommend you to try this flight or one similar to it. Anyways.

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Thank you for joining me on this flight, please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

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Awesome shots!

Really cool pictures, especially this one, which has absolutely amazing colours. Thanks for sharing!

Adelaide is a really beautiful city - almost as nice as Melbourne 😏

Great shots!