Qatar A350, Geneva

Hello, all!

I have just seen on Geneva Airports website that Qatar will be bringing the A350 on a regular basis to Geneva starting on the first of May!

Now I know that this does not impact most of you but I am personally very surprised that there is enough demand in a small city like Geneva for Qatar to bring the A350. Anyways I think that this is very exciting and shows that the future for Geneva airport is very bright!

Here is the link from the website:

I just had to put this post up as I am very excited now for the new month!


Interestingly, this news comes several days after Qatar’s A350 launch to Zurich ;)

I’m happy to see Switzerland sees more A350-900 this year


Oh! I didn’t know that one!

I think that its good for the whole of switzelrand like the economy and not only the avgeeks

I was mostly surprised because only last summer they changed from the A320 to the B787 and now the A350 so clealry lots of demand which is good!

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Are you from the “Suisse romande”?

Actually there are 777s (Swiss and emirates) 767(united no comment) and some heavy who land at GVA :)

Yes i know but its still very exciting to have the A350!

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I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Geneva is a relatively important and busy destination.

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