Qatar A350 front gear fails to retract after takeoff

Very rare sight caught on camera!!


Alot of things happening with Airbus 😛


Yep #flyboeing


Very rare that was crazy

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Can’t deny that the a350 is an a amazing aircraft but when u have a plane as new the a350, something is bound to go wrong one way or another


What’s with these planes?


^^ he’s right
all new planes will have issues and the 787 was no exception

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I think the community has strict rules on swearing, but doesn’t bother me.

Anyway, I think this is a minor issue compared to the major battery issues of the 787.


I know it’s a big deal, but issues like this are actually common. A new design or concept which is pushing the boundarys of efficient or low resource is bound to have a few hiccups. It’s just like when a new car comes out, there’s always some sort of issue.

Just glad everyone is safe and that airbus & boeing are not sacrificing anything for safety.

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I don’t why all the ones going #Flyboeing are doing it. There was a landing gear incident at BFS on Tuesday involving a 737. If it clapsed their could have been a fatal accident.

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No wonder Sri Lanka didn’t wanna lease them! 😛


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It’s just for fun, or at least I do :)

Least with the A350 no lives are put at risk but the Dreamliner on the other hand was dangerous for passengers so still nowhere near as bad as the B787


You have a great point 👍🏼

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Actually this doesn’t seem to be a retracting problem. Leaving the gear down, may result also by pilot’s discretion if the brakes happen to get hot while taxiing, so they leave the gear down to cool the brakes and then retract it. I happen to catch things like this quite many times at my airport. :) cheers


this is why we own 787 and go the Boeing route!!!

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true true, a good way to avoid doing a Nigeria Flight 2120

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looks like airbus might have a drop in customers for the a350

Feel like slapping people who use the #flyboeing. Firstly, it’s a brand new aircraft, practically out of the box? The entire fleet will have teething problems, just like the Boeing 787 had with its faulty lithium batteries catching fire. Airbus have a fantastic safety record and produce some beautiful planes. Just sit back and appreciate them both for the engineering marvels they put together.