Qatar A350-1000

Qatar was founded in 1993 and is still operational today. It’s Hub is in Hamad and having a fleet of 220, it serves 150+ destinations. The Airline has 45,000+ employees and the slogan is “Going places Together”.

The A350-1000’s first flight was in 2017 and it’s first commercial flight was in 2018 with Qatar. It has been produced since 2010 and is still in production, and it’s main users are: Qatar, Singapore airlines and Cathay Pacific. It is 74 Meters long, seats up to 366 passengers, a crew of 2 and has a range of 14,000 KM. It’s goal was to replace the A340-600!

Credit: Airbus
Since Qatar has the First A350-1000, we should have this in IF!

I know what you’re going to say about “Not having enough info about the A350 to put in in IF”, and I understand, but when it comes out (if it does), this wonderful and Iconic livery should be the first to be on this beautiful aircraft!

The rules are simple. If you like the idea, you vote for it. If you don’t then you don’t have to vote for it and can reply with valid reasons if you see fit.

If you would like this in IF, please vote, it helps!

The livery is awesome but you should know that A350 series have not shown in IF😂

This is one iconic livery for the A350. If its not added I would actually be confused 😂

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He’s not saying it is. He is saying that of the A350 comes to IF this livery should come with it.


No doubt it would come, Qatar was the launch airline of the a350-1000

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Thank you, I fixed it!

it would be advantageous to vote for the aircraft instead of voting for the company, because if you vote for the A350-900 and 1000, then we will have these airlines all

Anyway, you have my support, I do not have any more votes.

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I already voted there :)

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then you did not need to create a new topic, because if the A350 is added we will certainly have all these aircraft, and if you go see all those who created a topic just like yours asking to be added an airline were all blocked

He can still create it, it’s alright. An A350 livery feature request never hurt no one:)


of course he can create a topic in fact he has the right to do what he likes, I just told him what could happen, if I had a vote you would see me voting on it but I do not have, and I’m not against


That’s totally fine. I am not against it either. What happens is all up to the DEVs to decide on what they will put into the game.

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l know that. l just wish A350 to come as soon as possible😊

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Vote for this beautifuil livery for the A350 currently in development

Definitely have my vote!!

Honestly my favourite A350 livery!

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Same! Along with the British Airways A350-1000

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You’ve got my vote! As you mentioned Qatar was the launch customer of the A350-1000 and I therefore see it as a must have in IF!

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Bumping this! This is an epic livery!

This Livery needs to be a part of the a350 considering the fact that Qatar were the first airline to buy the a350, you have my vote.