Qatar A350-1000 at O’hare

Just thought I would share my photos of a Qatar airways A350-1000 that I took at O’hare.

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Very cool spot where you are :)

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Which runway?

This was at 10C

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Gotta love the spot at 10C!


I love how different the loooong jets are like this one, 737 MAX 10, 757-300, 78X, etc.

Lovely photos!

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Cool pictures! Qatar’s A350 is simply a legend😍


Thanks I love the Qatar livery on the A350!

Awesome shots man! Was that on an IPhone? If so, it’s pretty awesome! Nice work

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Thanks, yes it was an IPhone!

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That’s so cool, I love photos 2 and 3

Thanks @nolan_brant12

Here is one more that didn’t make the cut

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