Qatar A350-1000 at KDFW


Lucky… the largest commercial aircraft that flies in and out of Richmond is a UPS 767.

What an opportunity it is to see an A350 and get awesome pictures of it. Kudos to you.


Nice catch.

Thanks mate. I was waiting for my flight to London, when all of a sudden, the really big majestic bird appeared. First i thought it was a 900, til i seen the Triple gears similar to the 777, and its extended length. Glad i captured it.

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Definitely a very lucky catch!

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I got very lucky

Nice picture! A few hours ago when I landed in LIMC, I saw a few a350s, but you got very good pictures!

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That aircraft truly is beautiful! Can’t wait until we get it in IF.

I’ve got a great pic of it ;)
They just switched it from the 77W early June.

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