Qatar A340 in Bahrain?

These photos are taken in 2 April.

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Why that?


Did you fly Qatar?

Nop I flew GF


Heavies are used on short hops around the gulf due to the huge demand. It’s more efficient with one A340 rather than 10 A320s.

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Now that’s one area the A340s excel in!

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It’s for the same reason that you can get a BA 767 on LHR - EDI/AMS/MAD.

Maybe the airline needed the plane to transport a lot of people to Bahrain.

That’s is correct! It’s easier in one trip than in several small trips.

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Yeap that’s what Mr. Frog said! :)


Please, call me Fred.

That’s a cool looking aircraft! I think they have it for high density, short-haul routes.

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With a quick look on a flight tracker in the gulf, it’s not hard to see that heavies are operating short haul routes everywhere. Emirates even sends an A380 to Jeddah.

That demand… And it isn’t pilgrimage period yet right?

Every day is rich Arab holiday day.

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