Qatar 777-300ER "F.C Barcelona" Livery


As a personal fan of F.C Barcelona soccer team, I think it is a great livery that should be added to Infinite Flight.

About the livery

As a sponsor of F.C. Barcelona, Qatar airline launched a Barca-themed plane featuring the club’s flag. A natty shading element on the flag design appears to make it move during takeoff.

About Qatar Airways

About F.C Barcelona

About the 777 family

Votes are appreciated!

Pulled a vote from Virgin Atlantic 744 for this. This is more worth it.


Many thanks!


Keep those votes comming!


Wow, looking at the picture brings back memories from a few years back when I saw this aircraft (A7-BAE) in Stockholm Arlanda. It still flies in commercial traffic till this day but of course without the F.C. Barcelona livery as they ended their sponsorship. Would’ve loved to see their sponsorship continue strongly but I guess things change with time and so the livery had to be changed back to original one, sadly enough.


A word of advice: Don’t constantly bump this thread up every other 10-30 mins. Let it be and people who are interested by the livery will post their opinions or thoughts regarding or vote for it, no need to say “Keep those votes coming!” as that will not really help you get more votes instead it can have opposite effect an cause people to feel annoyed and ultimately reject this livery and mute the thread. So please do yourself a favor and let it rest, people will come and o by and decide for themselves if it is worth voting or not. No need to announce that you want this livery to have more votes, thank you.


Alright then

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I actually like this livery

I like this livery but I’ll vote for it even though I support Arsenal the best football team in the world

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Didn´t Qatar just repaint it into the normal livery again?

Yes they did after Qatar stopped sponsoring Barcelona

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