Qatar 541 (India to Qatar) tribute flight to ISRO

After a long time flown this B788
Recreation of CCU-DOH realistic route of QR 531

India to Qatar

3) Photos

Next long haul would be DOH-LAX
QR 739
Realistic route via Longyearbyen
Join me from Doha on Friday Evening Doha Qatar time 2:30 pm

On A359

And at last congratulations to team ISRO
For successful Moon’s South pole mission
🎉 #chandrayan 3


Great photos, the sunset with the dreamliner looks gorgeous! Lovely job.

And the Chandrayaan-3 mission success is absolutely incredible!

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I actually took many screenshots but I don’t know what’s wrong with IF, every screenshot has that weird discolored square top left corner, & that’s annoying


Yes it also happens for me hopefully it gets fixed soon, and nice pictures

@Tina_Kwesha & @Nicholas777 Oh, I can actually explain that… it’s been a bug for a while (but there’s an easy work around).

The big simply is that when you pause the replay, the time that you have set keeps running so the sun and light angles change. However, when you take a replay screenshot, that top left corner reverts back to the time you had set when you first paused the replay. To make it so that there’s no box, simply just change the time quickly before you press the screenshot button and then quickly take a screenshot. The more time that passes from when you adjust the time and when you press the screenshot button, the greater the color difference is. Hope this helps with more awesome photos! :)

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The Doha to LAX flight departs at 8:15am Qatar Time

great shots! i joined qatari virtual for those great views

Pretty hectic option to get a nice & clean screenshot, I’ll definitely not gonna try that

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Yeah I know , but I cannot start from 8:15 Qatar time, I’ll start the flight as early as possible , midnight for me to be precise

Oh it’s not that bad. Just before you take the screen shot, tap the time to change it to what time you want and that’s it! One button is all…

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Alright let’s see, I’ll try , can’t miss any views of tomorrow’s flight

Thank you for explaneing, hopefully it gets fixed soon so we dont have to do all that other unnecessary stuff

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That worked

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